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e-Box Technical Documentation Site

Reach Belgium's Enterprises through the official channels.

Strong Authentication

e-Box allows all actors of society to exchange messages using Belgium's official authentication mechanism. This allows to always know who is sending and receiving messages.

Companies can be reached just by knowing their CBE identifier, citizen by knowing their NRN. This gives e-Box messages a stronger legal backing that common electronic exchange systems like eMail.


When sending a Messages, it is sometime important to know what has happened to this messages. e-Box provides methods to retrieve the Read Status of any Message. Inquiries can be performed to review activities around the Messages.

Decentralized & Confidential

Confidentiality in e-Box is tunable, but at it's highest setting, your Messages reach their destination without ever passing through third party servers.

Through it's dual integration profiles, e-Box offers the choice to Senders to either send Messages to an existing Message Registry or setup their own Message Registry for maximum privacy guarantees.