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· 2 min read

The API MessageRegistry 3.0 is uploaded in the specification page. It is available for Document Providers in order to implement it. Document Senders and Document Consumers should wait that the Document Provider finished the implementation before using it.

The API Partition is uploaded in the specification page too.

The documentation page on the consultaton part of the Document Provider is modified for the use of the API 3.0 and the partition feature. The changes are:

· One min read

Our Oauth Team has asked for all services secured with Oauth to migrate to version 4 of the Oauth API. We have tested this using the oauth example.

The migration is pretty straightforward:

  • Change the oauth URL (the 3 becomes a 4)
  • Change the audience (BEWARE that the audience is totally different!)
  • That's all folks!

Go to this page to find the exact values

This needs to be done in both ACC and PRD. Test it with the UI as usual and if you which to make a side deployment of your service, don't forget that you can use the local dp feature


  • Can Oauth V3 clients use a service secured with Oauth v4: Yes, the ui will continue using v3 tokens until all Document Providers have migrated to v4.