Troubleshooting SOAP requests

I received the "SOA-01002: Service call not authorized" error

We cannot unfortunately provide more information about the cause of the error but the error is about the authentication. See the page How to sign a SOAP message with a x509 certificate. Is a signature present in your request ? Does it contains the BinarySecurityToken, Timestamp and Signature elements ? Is there any mistake in the certificate ? See x509 certificate page to see what format is expected for each field. You can also ask to if the authorization is correctly set, providing the public part of your certificate.

I received the error code 40 and a message like "No authorization for message type ... application ... institution ..."

At eBox side, a configuration must be done in order to authorize you institution and your application to publish a message with the message type you set in the request. Perhaps a configuration is missing or there is a misspelling in the Application or Message type identifier. The configuration must be done following the application and message types given during the Onboarding process. If there is no misspelling, you can ask to to add the authorization providing the CBE number, application ID and message type ID and if the message type is for an enterprise of a professional or a citizen.

I received the error code SOA-03006 and a message like "XSD compliance failure: string value ... does not match pattern for CBE"

The value of the CompanyID and Institution properties has to be a CBE number encoded in 10 digits. The 9 digits encoding does not work.

I received an error message like "UAM denied : application ... institution ... is not mandatary for application ... institution ..."

You put a SenderID object like:


You receive this error if the certificate you are using is not a certificate for a mandatary institution and the CBE number you put in the Institution property is not the same than what is in the certificate.

I received the error code SOA-03006 and a message like "XSD compliance failure: string length ... is greater than maxLength facet (80) for FileName"

This error is about the length of the value of a DownloadFileName property. The maximum length is 80 characters.

I received the error code 10 and a message like "Expected hash ... not matches computed hash ..."

You put a Digest object in a Document object like:

<v11:Title>My message title</v11:Title>

The DigestValue is the checksum of the file the_document.pdf computed with the SHA-256 algorithm and encoded in base64 (not base64url). The Digest object is not mandatory.