X.509 certificate

  • Attention, you need a distinct certificate for each work environment (Acceptance, Production).
  • The type of certificate requested must be a non-public trust (applicative) certificate.
    • Trusted CA: QuoVadis Trust Anchor Issuing CA G2;
  • The order for a new certificate must be made via info.be@quovadisglobal.com
    • The mail must be sent in Dutch or English.
  • The certificate format MUST respect the following structure:
OORGANIZATIONNAMEThe legal name of your organization. Example:
OUBelgian Federal GovernmentOU = Belgian Federal Government
OUurn:be:fgov:kbo-bce:organization:cbe-number:xxxxxxxxxxExample: for institution with CBE 01234567689 this OU must be:
OU = urn:be:fgov:kbo-bce:organization:cbe-number:0123456789
OUACCPossible values: PRD, ACC, INT. Example:
CNApplicationID-URN-from-request-documentExample: for application *werkkaart*/*carte de travail* (RVA/Onem), CN must be:
**CN** = employment:job-attest:werkkaart
LBrusselsThe city where your organization is located. Example:
L = Sint-Gillis
SBrussel-HoofdstadThe state/region where your organization is located. This shouldn't be abbreviated. Example:
S = Brussel-Hoofdstad
  • If necessary, the CSR can be sent to us for validation before the application at QuoVadis.

Do not forget to have your “e-Box DocProvider onboarding form” validated (by eBoxIntegration@smals.be) before ordering your certificates to QuoVadis.