Ebox Enterprise Federation Service

The Ebox Federation Service allows to

  • Know the list of Document Providers
  • Know the preferences of a particular e-Box (enterprise)

Search Ebox Preferences

A POST /eboxPreferences/searchcall allows to know whether the enterprise has opt for receiving his messages exclusively in e-Box or when he visited his e-Box for the last time.

The same call will in the future provide indicative information about the number of messages and unread messages that are available in the e-Box.

PATCH /eboxPreferences is not supported for the Document Provider use case.


  • Request: POST /eboxPreferences/search with json body
"eboxType": "ENTERPRISE",
"eboxIdType": "EnterpriseNumber",
"eboxIdValueList": ["0474028805","0212148896","0800002352"]

What are e-Box preferences for?

There are two use cases for e-Box preferences

1) You implement the /publishMessage endpoint of a Document Provider. In this case you should call e-Box Preferences in order to know whether the user already has an e-Box or not. If he does not have an e-Box, a special status code needs to be sent in the reply. 2) You want to know if someone is using his e-Box in order to decide on whether to send via messages via e-Box or via Paper. This use case mostly applies to Document senders.

Technical information