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Becoming a Document Provider

A Document Provider delivers Messages directly to Consumers. It offers the highest level of privacy but is the most challenging type of integration, requiring the setup of a REST Web Service that will integrate with several other Web Services of the federation.

The Document Provider has some responsibilities toward te overall e-Box enterprise federation:

  • Provide a Service which matches the e-Box Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA) in terms of availability, security and performance
  • Store User document with the adequate confidentiality
  • Inform the e-Box Federation of e-Box activities like new messages or messages being read.
  • Follow latest guidelines to ensure safeguard the end user experience.

Before starting the technical integration as Document Provider, make sure to complemente the Document Provider onboarding process.

Message Registry Service

The Message Registry Service is the most important part of the Document Provider. There are two main levels of service that a Document Provider can offer.

  • Consultation: Only implement the Consultation parts of the API. This allows to expose messages to the Document Consumers.
  • Publication: Also implement the Publication parts of the API. Allowing new publication being done through a standardized method.

The Consultation part is required to be considered a Document Provider while the Publication is optional.


In order to notify users of any new, unread or soon to be expired messages, an integration with the Ebox Event Service (EES) Enterprise is required.

The EES is a system which allows Document Providers to send Events to Human Interface provider's (HIP) so that the HIP can notify the user.

The following events must be sent in the following scenarios:

  • newDocument: This event MUST be sent when a new Message arrives in the e-Box
  • newDocumentReminder: This event MUST be sent when the Message has not been read 15 days after it has been published
  • documentExpirationAlert: This event MUST be sent 7 days prior to the Message expiring only if the document has not been read yet
  • readDocument: This event MUST be sent when the MAIN Document is read for the first time

readDocument Event:

Notifications are eMail that are sent once per day with a summary of the event's received. The readDocument event is here to prevent us sending Notifications about Messages that have been read by the User between the time the unread message Event was sent and the time the Notification is sent to the User.

Audit Trail

Audit trail proves that a publication and consultation of documents is traceable. This step is mandatory to be on-boarded as document provider. More information