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Integrating with e-Box

A set of tools that helps with integration with site.

The diagram below shows the high-level technical view of the federated model of the e-Box Enterprise. The federated view indeed integrates several message sources (DocProviders), each accessible via a MessageRegistry (web service REST) respecting the same contract. In addition, some institutions (DocSenders) can continue to publish their messages to a DocProvider who will make them available for the federated e-Box. Finally, a company (DocConsumer) can directly retrieve the content of its e-Box via a technical integration with each MessageRegistry offering this type of access. Diagram: high-level technical viewDiagram: high-level technical view


In order to be able to establish connection with ebox services, some technical requirements MUST be met, namely:

  • TLS 1.2
  • Activation of SNI extension

In order to test beforehand, you can use this url:

  • An application supporting TLS 1.2 and SNI that connects to this url will receive the following text "SNI is working".

  • In case of SNI compatibility problem, the calling application will receive a bad certificate.

  • In case of incompatibility with TLS 1.2, the calling application will not be able to establish a connection.