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Onboarding process to become a Document Consumer

Diagram: DocConsumer onboarding process

Onboarding form request

To become a new e-Box Enterprise DocConsumer, your enterprise needs to send the following documents to

The certificate needed is a X.509 certificate. Any official issuer is acceptable. Please avoid to use a self-signed certificate. Please pay attention to respect the expected format. It’s also important to have a distinct certificate for each work environment (Acceptance, Production).

OAuth configuration

The e-Box integration team validates your request and configure your enterprise as a new OAuth client. They will also communicate you the client-ID. As a DocConsumer, you will get the necessary scopes to perform all the possible requests to manage your e-Box:

  • summary_own_ebox (scope:document:management:consult:ws-eboxrestentreprise:summaryownebox) to get the summary of your e-Box;
  • messages_full (scope:document:management:consult:ws-eboxrestentreprise:messagesfull) to get and perform authorized actions on all messages in your ebox;
  • reference_data (scope:document:management:consult:ws-eboxrestentreprise:referencedata) to retrieve the details of the messageTypes, senderOrganizations, and senderApplications.
  • Provider Registry (scope:documentmanagement:ebox:enterprise:federation-rest:registry) to get the list of Document Providers.

Technical integration

You can then call the Authorization Server to get your Access token. With this token, you can call the different Message Registries, in order to retrieve all your e-Box data.